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Färdas - Karolina Almgren


The Swedish saxophone player and composer Karolina Almgren´s latest album "Färdas” , which means to travel or to be on your way, is a reflection of the words different spectrums. To be on the move, traveling to new places, meeting new people and getting inspired by what you see. But also the mind traveling, constantly thinking about new dreams, goals and projects. Composed as a reflection of the life
you live as a musician. Recorded in three different studios with a lot of different musicians it´s a celebration to various instrumental settings, recording processes and of course the musicians unique sounds.
”Färdas has enabled me to explore different approaches in composing, arranging and elaborate with different recording techniques. But always with the main aim of
writing music from my heart.”

Karolina Almgren - saxophones/bass/piano/voice/compositions
Andreas Hourdakis - guitar
Britta Virves - piano
Johannes Vaht - bass
Andreas Baw - drums
Petter Hängsel - trombone
Rasmus Nyvall - tenor saxophone
Filip Bensefelt - drums
Owe Almgren - bass
Marcos Ubeda - piano
Martina Almgren - drums/flute
Recorded at: The End Studios, Studio Tonkontrol/Åke Linton, Studio Filip/Karo
Mixing: Åke Linton (except track 8 Filip Bensefelt) Mastering: Åke Linton
Photo: Malin Almgren Cover: Karolina Almgren 2022/2023

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